Tips for Sunless Tanning

For a long time, I was trying to find a good self-tanner that was instant tan, didn’t look unnatural and smelled decent. I couldn’t stand the Jergen’s stuff because the smell was unbearable and I didn’t like the yellowish color. Then I discovered Kandee Johnson’s video talking about St. Tropez bronzing mousse. (Watch it here: Despite its hefty price at around 40 dollars for 8 oz., this instant tanner is so far the best I have found. The color is very natural, it doesn’t have a bad smell, and the tan is instant.

A few tips for using self tanner:

I don’t recommend using a self tanner if you have dry flaky skin or acne. The tanner will “get stuck” on those areas and just pronounce them or look very unnatural. Always exfoliate and moisturize very well prior to application. For the face, I always add some Vaseline to my lips, brows and hairline. For the body, shave any hair, exfoliate and add extra moisture to dry spots like the elbows, knees and knuckles. Try not to sweat or get wet for 4 hours after application. To remove, just shower and scrub and it should come off! Also, you can buy a mitt to apply the tanner with (so it doesn’t stain your hands) or use a glove but I just make sure to work quickly and scrub my hands well and it usually comes off.

Enjoy your tan glow without going in the sun. Remember, a “real” tan is not only dangerous but also causes premature aging and wrinkles. So if you don’t care about your health at least be vain enough to worry about how you’ll look in 20 years! 

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