Teeth Whitening Woes

So I had been experimenting with some teeth whitening for a while and I’ve come to the following conclusions: Until I seriously commit to stop drinking coffee/dark sodas, teeth whitening will simply be counter-productive. I found that my teeth would look very white right after the whitening and then quickly return to the same color. I have now switched to drinking dark drinks with a straw to at least minimize the harm done. It could just be that the whitener I am using isn’t as effective but I have watched many reviews and everyone else seems to be happy with it. For the record, I use a gel called plus-white¬†and its very cheap, doesn’t hurt my teeth and quick and easy to use. I had decided to try it out after watching this video by Kandee Johnson. (Watch it here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqjPKja8VTk&feature=plcp) Once I can actually abstain from drinking dark drinks I will make a post about it if it ever happens…

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