My Everyday Skin Care Routine

Here’s the thing about my skincare routine. Since my skin has changed over the years mostly due to aging and hormonal fluctuations (more specifically: pregnancy, post-partum, etc), my skin care routine always needs tweaking. But here is more or less what I do right now and for the last bunch of years minus a little changes here and there. Now, I honestly believe that if I would’ve taken better care of my skin (ie: was not lazy) then I would probably have looked a hell of a lot better but since I’m a great preacher but not a great do-er I have to confess that I transgressed many “beauty sins” like not removing my makeup before bed, or not wearing sunscreen properly…or…ok I’m a little embarrassed but the list goes on! However when I do actually do things right- here’s how it goes:

1. Wash face with a facial cleanser morning and night. Pat down with a paper towel (since washcloths hold tons of bacteria). In my experience, a lot of facial cleansers (especially the cheap kind) actually can do more harm than good since they have tons of chemicals and can irritate the skin and lead to breakouts or flaky patches. That is why I suggest using a more natural face wash. I’m obsessed with using the Mint Souffle for normal use and Camphor Souffle for when my skin needs a little more intense help. Funny enough, I actually had bought these face washes from an aesthetician who sold them under her own label (they are manufactured for private labeling) but thankfully discovered them on this website for half the price she was selling them for! I love that the ingredient list doesn’t need a scroll down button and that it really cleanses without drying out the skin. Also, you only need the tiniest amount to foam your whole face, so it really lasts a long time.

2. Using a cotton pad, go over the face and neck with a toner to restore the pH balance to the skin. To be honest, I don’t know what the heck that means but I know its good for you! The only toner that I have found to really be able to pull out any dirt from deep within the pores is the Burt’s Bees Garden Tomato Toner I love the frosted glass packaging (gosh, I’m such a consumer!) and its got really great natural ingredients that have amazing skin benefits. This toner is especially great on oily skin but I believe they have a more mild version for normal to dry skin types. You can create your own homemade astringent by making ice cubes out of cucumber and aloe vera juice and rub the ice over the pores, which also will seal them after being opened by the steamy water.

3. Moisturize! This step is so important. Many people with oily skin think they can skip this step. But the truth is that by not wearing moisturizer, your oil glands actually over compensate for the lack of hydration, which in turn causes breakouts. The key is a good moisturizer. I am in love with the Alba Oil Free Green Tea and Aloe that I mentioned in my all time favorites post. I find that this moisturizer really gets soaked up by the skin without leaving oily residue. It is just so hydrating and wears beautifully under makeup.  It smells amazing too! I also am glad that there is no SPF, because studies show that the chemicals in sunscreens can be as dangerous as the sun itself, so since my makeup usually has some SPF in it, I don’t want to be putting on too much – especially at night. Obviously, if I know I’ll be out in the sun all day then I’ll use extra sun protection.

4. Anti-aging creams – hey it’s never too early, and its usually too late when you start seeing the signs! I know I’m only in my 20’s but actually dermatologists recommend using products with anti-aging qualities to prevent and help keep wrinkles and sun spots from forming. Of course, the best way to prevent signs of aging is to stay out of the sun as much as possible. I currently use RoC Night Cream at night (not every night since it can make the skin sensitive) and I only use it in the “affected” areas ie: my neck, frown/smile lines, and forehead. If you have Costco membership, you can probably buy a two pack there for a really good price.

Additionally, I highly discourage picking at the skin (something that I am notorious for doing seeing as I am a compulsive plucker/squeezer/picker) since it only irritates the skin and can cause more breakouts and infection. (I know I’m so sorry to be a hypocritical preacher but its so hard to stop!)

I’d also like to finish off by saying that although I usually like to save money on beauty products, I tend to spend more on my skincare since a beautiful canvas is more valuable than anything you paint with. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and deserves to be treated like the valuable thing it is. If I really believed that I could get quality skin care products without all the fillers and chemicals and garbage for cheap then I would! I just find that good quality skin care isn’t really available for “cheap”. I see it as an investment!

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    • Well, its best not to if you can control yourself but if you really have to then make sure you have a clean face and try to pop it with two clean q-tips and then use an astringent and some benzyl peroxide to help it heal.

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