Finally! Colored Eyeliner I Approve Of!

Most people who know me already heard about my opinion on colored liners. I often find that colored liners can wash out the face, or look tacky. I first discovered the Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner when I was looking for a no-budge liquid liner. I was so impressed with the formula that when I saw the same bottle in “Infinite Blue” I had to get it.

The Pros:

– Seriously long lasting. Like, I can shower with this stuff and it won’t move.

– The gorgeous bright blue doesn’t fade or transfer to other parts of the lid (something that I always find happening with colored liners aargh!)

– It’s a universally flattering shade, meaning it looks good with all eye colors and skin colors. Especially brown and honey eyes.

– The price! For around 7 bucks you can’t go wrong!

The Cons:

– Very hard to remove – prepare to use some heavy duty makeup remover (or just press extra virgin olive oil onto the eye with a cotton pad and remove with ease!)

– I would prefer a felt tip brush to the brush applicator

I think I’m going to have to go back and get the rest of the colors! Ps. I also suggest layering most colored liners on top of a black liner to really make the color pop. Enjoy with my blessing! (for once!)

*note: the pictures don’t really do this color justice!

Rachel’s Engagement Party

Yesterday one of my best friends in the world kindly allowed me to do her makeup for her engagement party. Of course, its always extra fun when beautiful people are my subjects! Rachel’s almond shaped eyes paired really well with a dark but not overly dramatic smokey eye. Throw in some bombshell hair (that she did herself!), a white dress, and a dazzled fiance and tada! Magic!



Quick Tip! Quick fix for dull, dry lips

Sometimes when I have to go somewhere and I’m in a rush and don’t have any lipstick/lipliner on me I’ll just run to the bathroom and brush my lips with a toothbrush. This brings a rush of color to the lips as well as plumping them up and removing any flakiness. If you are out and don’t have any toothbrush or lip product then just keep licking your lips and they will get a little chapped – giving you a nice red color! It’ll look almost like a matte lipstick! You can also use a toothbrush with some Vaseline to scrub your lips from time to time as a homemade lip scrub which will keep them smooth and soft.

YouTube and You

What could YouTube do for you? Well, lots of things! For one, help you waste a lot of time!  But if you actually want to learn some things or just get some inspiration, YouTube can be a great tool. Here are some of my favorite beauty guru’s on YouTube. A beauty guru is someone who posts videos, often about makeup, hair, style etc. Some guru’s actually impart some really great tips and others just give good ideas for new makeup looks. Here are some of my favorites:

GossMakeupArtist: Also known as Wayne Goss, imparts lots of awesome tips and product reviews. I am not such a fan of his makeup looks since it kind of wierds me out to see makeup on a man’s face but in regards to everything else, he really knows his stuff!


Lisaeldridgedotcom: Also known as Lisa Eldridge, is a world famous make up artist. She has a website which showcases her latest work and videos and also an extensive portfolio. Her videos are very crisp and clear and feature lots of new makeup trends and ideas. She also has some great instructional videos. One of my favorites is

KandeeJohnson: Also known as Kandee Johnson is one of the most varied Beauty Guru’s that I watch. She features lots of awesome costume looks, beauty reviews, makeup looks, tips and tricks and she also has a blog that she calls her “mommy blog” that has lots of cute baby ideas and crafts. Her mommy blog is and her beauty blog is

MichellePhan: Also known as Michelle Phan, was actually one of the first beauty gurus I watched. She is also one of the first pioneers to make beauty tutorials get famous on youtube. Her older videos had some awesome costume videos and beautiful makeup looks, but her more recent stuff has been lots of natural looks and videos that are exclusively made for Lancome (she is their spokesperson).

Dope2111: Also known as Promise Phan, I originally discovered her as the sister in law of Michelle Phan. She almost exclusively does transformation videos which are incredible! She is great for inspiration, costume ideas or just plain entertainment!


LuxyHair: Also known as the Luxy sisters Mimi and Leyla, they are two sisters whose channel is mostly about hair (as you can tell by the name). They actually own a hair extension company and make lots of really great tutorials. They have a second channel which I enjoy as well that features things from their personal lives, outfit ideas, etc. called EverythingLuxy.


Of course there are a ton more people who have beauty channels but the above ones are my favorite for being the most talented, well edited and creative guru’s. Check them out if you’d like and I hope you enjoy seeing some of my inspiration!


Who doesn’t love free stuff?

There are certain products that I buy repeatedly like my Clinique take the day off makeup remover (one of my all time favorites).  Anyhow, I always tell people that they should buy certain products only when they are doing a free gift, and Clinique products is for sure one of them. Why? Well because if you are already spending alot of money on an item you might as well get some free stuff! [Insert “hell yeah!”] Companies like Clinique and Lancome always have periodical gifts  – you can either ask about the next gift date at a makeup counter or check out this awesome website which lists all the gifts and their dates. You usually have to make a minimum purchase of 25$ or something like that but if you know you’ll be buying certain things again and again then its certainly worth it to stock up and get some free goodies! Of course, just because there is a gift doesn’t mean that you should buy something you don’t particularly need. Its very tempting to do this and that’s exactly why they give gifts in the first place – to lure those freebie suckers in! Some of my favorite eye shadows actually came to me as part of a Lancome gift package, so its definitely worth it to wait to buy/restock until the next gift with purchase.


Concealer Drama! Some Answers for Your Questions!

So this is a question I get asked about all the time. Let me set one thing straight right here. There is a concealer for under your eyes. There is a concealer for blemishes. Chances are they cannot be one and the same. Why? Well as nice as it would be to have a concealer that could multitask, and many will even claim that they do, you simply should NOT be using the same shades under your eyes as you would on a blemish! Concealer for under the eyes is meant to stop dark circles, brighten and highlight. Now why would you want to brighten and highlight the very same blemishes that really need to just be concealed and hidden from sight? Blemish concealer should be the shade of your skin or even a little darker to make it recede.

So what should you look for? Well lets first think about textures. Undereye concealers shouldn’t be the same heavy thick texture as a blemish concealer. They need to have a gel like consistency so they don’t cake up in the fine lines around the eyes. I recently bought the eve pearl salmon concealer which is great because its not only gel like and applies like a dream, it also has those salmon tones to counterbalance bluish undereye bags. Wands like the Clinique’s Airbrush Concealer are also great. Blemish concealers usually come in little pots or blemish sticks. A popular choice is the Laura Mercier secret camouflage. To apply dab on the blemish and blend around the edges. If the blemish is very red or irritated, first smooth with a serum and then apply some green color correcting concealer, lastly apply your skin color concealer and set with powder for a flawless look.


UNDEREYE CONCEALER: gel like consistency, should correct and highlight.

BLEMISH CONCEALER: thick consistency, should make the blemish recede.

Hope this helped!


Fun at Namies!

Today I went to Namies Beauty Center. One of the things I love about LA is all the great shopping, especially makeup! (I was in Israel for the past few years, and would only get to stock up on my trips to visit). I only recently (relatively speaking) discovered Namie’s. For me, Makeup stores, especially ones designed for MUA’s are like Disneyland. So much fun! They also have great discounts for MUA’s so if you are one- go check it out! I actually originally went to buy some tall wig heads and wig nets, but while I was at it I just had to run upstairs and buy some…

1. Lashes! Everyone knows I love those! I got a pair of bottom lashes too – can’t wait to use those in a mod “twiggy-esque” look. 

2. Cosmetic Glitter by Ben Nye. I have been searching for a silver cosmetic glitter to use for a makeup look. Will definitely post pics when I finally get around to doing it!

3. Eve Pearl Concealer Trio which I had been hearing about from so many beauty guru’s and so I finally went ahead and got it and so far I’m really in love! It’s perfect for under eye circles!

4. Mac eyebrow pencils, since I’ve been wanting to try something different than powders.

And thats about it! Who doesn’t love a makeup shopping spree? its almost as good as going to visit my castle in Disneyland. (Yeah, that big castle. Its mine. Well me and the rest of the girl population of Disneyland visitors. but you get what I mean.)

Another Wedding: Some Lesson’s Learned

So thank God I recently had the joy of attending my older brothers wedding in Lakewood, NJ. I not so long ago posted about my other brothers wedding in St. Louis and since I again did my mother and sister’s makeup (and mine of course) I decided to post some pics and write a few notes on what I did different.

1. I upgraded the primers. I very much like using primers that have specific functions. For example, the one I’m currently obsessed with is the Makeup Forever green primer (to counteract redness). I’m in love with the texture, and how it removes all the red splotches or irritation and leaves perfectly primed, silky feeling skin. I also used the Benefit Pore Perfecting Primer on the areas that had large pores. And of course, for the eyes – I used Urban Decay Primer Potion because its simply the best at keeping those shadows on!

2. I’ve mentioned before that flash photography takes away practically half the amount of makeup that you are wearing and also can flatten features. This is why I always emphasize that wedding makeup needs to be much stronger than a typical night out. In general, if you want your pictures to come out good, contouring and adding extra color is key. This time I made sure to really focus on adding depth to the brows and lips since those are the quickest to go. Always use a lipliner, blot and line again before repeating with lipstick and then top with lipgloss.

3. I made a few observations about how I did my mother’s makeup the last wedding. It reminded me that I need to treat maturing skin differently that I would a younger persons. A bright lip color on my mom really went a long way, and of course no glam makeup look is complete without some lashes!

All in all it was a beautiful wedding and so much fun to get to make up my beautiful mom and sister! Can’t wait for the next wedding!



Quick Tip: Easy Conditioning for Your Lashes

A good friend reminded me the other day of a trick I used to do to thicken my lashes. At night, after all the makeup was off, I would rub some Vaseline into my lashes. I discovered this kind of by mistake (although I’m sure someone else out there has already thought of it) and noticed that my eyelashes would look so much better the next morning. It makes sense that the Vaseline would moisturize brittle, over-mascara’d lashes the same way they give life back to chapped, dry lips. Anyways, try it and let me know how it works for you!

Pulling Off a Classy Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eye-shadow tends to be a little tricky. The reason for this is because it is infamous for looking tacky, barbie-like, or immature. I find that blue can really look gorgeous if done correctly and most importantly – by using the proper shades. Blues are complimentary to all eye and skin colors, but especially brown eyes. I suggest using matte shades, since using sparkles is definitely going to wind up looking tacky. You can use a shimmery highlighter to add some luminosity but limit it to the inner tear duct. I think navy blue is the best way to pull this look off. Baby blues and turquoises should most often be avoided. Navy can be smoked out and blended with other shades of blue, but the navy will always stand out and polish the look off. Take a look at the navy smokey eyes that Estee modeled for me the other day. She was a wonderful model and especially great at modeling different hair styles!

You don't want to look like this...You don’t want to look like this…


Looking Beautiful!













Always pair a dramatic eye with a nude lip
Here she is in her very own shaitel