Oh Dupes! How I love thee!

What is a “dupe” you ask? Well, dupe is short for “duplicate” which in the makeup world is used to refer to a makeup product that acts the same or very similar to one that is usually more expensive. Why do I love discovering dupes? Because, just like finding a stunning outfit for half the price, there is some thrill in finding a cheaper version of something you love. Plus, unlike clothing, certain makeup products need to be restocked constantly so its fun to know that you are saving money each time!

Of course, part of discovering a good dupe is trial and error (and that’s why I’m here to share my experiences with you! so that you don’t have to go through that process yourself!) Obviously, there will be some pros and cons but just know that more expensive does not always equal better quality. One of my favorite dupes lately is a duplicate for the Beauty Blender Sponge. The BB Sponge is one of my favorite methods of applying foundation. It leaves a flawless “airbrush” finish and I’ve only ever heard rave reviews about it. I begrudgingly bought it for roughly 20 bucks (the cheapest I could find) and though I love it so much I don’t really feel like spending that kind of money on a sponge again. Enter the Soho Beauty Sponge: a wondrous discovery at Walgreens! For a whopping 7.99 I got an almost exact dupe for more than half off the price. In fact I like the Soho Blender even more than the BB! It’s more dense, which makes it a little harder to clean but I love how it blends! I’m seriously getting a thrill just thinking about it! (I’m a major geek I know). I’ll write another post on how to use these but for now, if you are a BB aficionado then run and check out the Soho sponge from Walgreens. Mind you, I’ve tried other BB dupes and have not been impressed, so just goes to show that not all imitations are created equal.







Other favorite dupes of mine include Elf High Definition Powder for the Makeup Forever HD Powder and Monistat chafing gel for the Smashbox Photofinish Primer (wierd, I know, but its the same thing!) Some failure dupes have been the Loreal color correcting primer for the Makeup Forever color correcting primer. It just doesn’t compare…I keep my eyes open for new ones all the time and will certainly share my exciting finds when deemed worthy enough! Enjoy!

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