My Swapping Addiction!

So this post is here to discuss what is and what “swapping” means. is kind of like an online community of makeup lovers, where you can read reviews, share pictures, and best of all – SWAP! In order to swap makeup, you need to set up an account on the website. The goal of swapping is to get rid of the makeup you never use and get something you actually like from someone who doesn’t need it anymore. Its very much like matchmaking! Everyone has a swap list (which are the things you want to get rid of), a wishlist (things you want), and a Notepad (where they write preferences ie: non-smoking house, etc or anything else about them). I personally love trying new makeup things and this is a great way of doing so without having to spend any money. Plus- I LOVE getting packages in the mail. In order to stay safe and not get “swap-lifted” while swapping, there is a system of “tokens” very similar to Ebay ratings. Be sure to investigate someone’s tokens before you ship something out. People with fewer tokens will generally have to send out first. I personally use Delivery Confirmation most of the time in order to have proof that I sent my end out. I do not recommend swapping used mascara’s or wand attached lipglosses/eye primers since they are near impossible to sanitize. I am fairly new at swapping myself, but I’m already addicted! If you have things you would like to swap, feel free to check out my swaplist by searching Elka Moses. Happy Swapping! 

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