Makeup Trial: Tips for the bride

I’m pretty sure that if there is any day to look good, its your wedding day. Most people cannot think of a better time to look their best so obviously flawless makeup is a must. A trial is a good idea since you can get a feel for the artist’s style. Of course, a trial is nowhere near the same as the day of since oftentimes you won’t have the full idea without the dress, hair and lashes but its a good thing to do in any case. Here are a few tips on how to choose the makeup and makeup artist for  your big day.

1. Do make sure to generally like your artist’s style. Take a look at some of her work. Talk to some people who have used her in the past. If she has a blog or a facebook page, be certain to check it out.

2.  Make sure she is reliable (nothing like your makeup artist ditching you the day of! My hair dresser did that to me on my wedding day! Thank G-d I did my own makeup!).

3. Ask questions. A good make up artist will make sure that you are not allergic or sensitive to any products (ie: lash glue with latex) but just in case, make sure to ask. Also, if you are already spending the money, you might as well ask her for some general makeup tips or for some product suggestions. MUA’s are often times more exposed to different products so they are great at giving suggestions.

4. After your makeup trial, try to take some photos with flash photography, maybe go for a short run and break a sweat. You’ll want to see how truly long lasting your makeup is and how it’ll show in photos. If your eyeliner or mascara will come off with water then there is a BIG problem! Your makeup should be glued but not look overly cakey. (sounds impossible but that’s what we magical people do!)

5. Though not totally necessary, its a good idea to do your hair on the day of your trial just to get a better picture of how you’ll really look. Hair and Makeup are married to one another.  There really needs to be both to get a clear picture.

6. Lastly, keep in mind that having a dual hair and makeup artist isn’t always the best idea. Often times people who are both are really good at one and pretty mediocre at the other. Hair and makeup are totally different sciences so don’t just assume that they go together. So unless you know for sure that your choice of person is really talented at both, get two separate people who each excel at what they do.

And of course – have fun! Wedding planning can get so stressful so enjoy all the pampering!


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