Instructions on How To Get Your Makeup Done (and make everyone happy)

After doing makeup on a number of people I felt compelled to write this list of instructions. This way, if you are new at getting your makeup done you can just skim the list and now be aware of how to best help along the process of beautification.

Firstly, always come to get makeup done with a CLEAN and moisturized face. (Preferably starting from the night before). That means no makeup at all. Including mascara. Not only is it annoying to have to start off a session by removing old makeup, but it also takes up valuable time. The most important reason though, is that removing makeup can often irritate the skin and cause redness, etc. Without having some time to re-hydrate and let the skin rest, the makeup application might only add to the irritation.

Second, brush teeth before getting makeup done. Brushing afterwords will obviously remove what was applied to the lips and around the mouth. Also, since you will be breathing in such close proximity to your makeup artist, it’s nice to have pleasant breath. I always try to have a mint while I’m working on someone’s face.

Also, never forget to mention if you have any allergies such as to latex or talc or irritation you have noticed with a specific product (ie: some people break out from certain brands of foundation, etc).

Facial hair removal should not be done the same day as makeup (especially brides!!) since it can leave red marks and open pores. Obviously facials shouldn’t be done for up to a few weeks before a big makeup event since it brings all the toxins to the surface of the face.

And lastly, be pleasant and courteous! Yay, now everyone will be happy!


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