How to make your at home manicure look like salon nails

Most people fork over around $50 dollars a month on getting their nails done at the salon. Why not just do them at home? Here are the top 3 reasons most people give:

1. They simply do not look the same. Not as shiny or perfect.

2. That issue of lacking ambidexterity. Most people do. You do one hand perfectly and thats where it ends. Your other hand looks like a five year old tried to paint it.

3. It doesn’t last as long as a salon manicure

Now obviously, for people who are just plain lazy, or who need special procedures like acrylics or shellac, they will continue going to the salon. But for people who want to save money while getting salon- style nails here are some solutions to the top 3 issues listed above.

1. Top coats. This is the answer to a lot of problems. A good top coat should dry your nails in seconds, and leave them shiny and perfect. The top coat that most salons use is Seche Vite. I personally use this top coat and it literally makes all the difference. You can buy it online for under 10 dollars. It is well worth the money. The fact that it dries so quickly helps prevent the creasing and ruin that happens to most at home manicures. It also lasts longer and prevents chipping.

Another reason your nails look perfect from the salon is because they usually clear away your cuticles and hang nails. To clear away your cuticles with ease, soak your fingers/toes in hot water for 5-10 minutes then wipe away the cuticles or push down with a cuticle pusher.

2. Practice, practice, practice! Yes practice makes perfect, even for you! Keep a bottle of nail polish remover nearby and just practice, before you know it you’ll be brushing on perfect strokes. For little mistakes just use a cotton swab dipped in acetone and clean up around the edges once they are dry. And even if you skip this step, the extra nail polish will likely come off your skin the next time you shower.

3. Once again, to keep your polish lasting longer you need to use a good top coat. Also, use gloves when washing dishes.

All in all, with a little investment into a few products and a bit of practice, you can have salon quality nails whenever you want, without the huge expense.

Laquer up!

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