Finding the Perfect Foundation

So in one of my earlier posts I couldn’t help but ramble off a little bit when I started on the topic of foundations. There is just so much to say and SO many people doing it VERY WRONG. Some of the biggest mistakes when it comes to foundations? Well lets start with the wrong color. THIS IS BAD. It is better to go without all together than to wear something that does not match. The thing is, your face color changes with the seasons, so sometimes its necessary to have more than one shade and mix as you go.  My personal favorites are by Lancome and Revlon. I use my Lancome in the winter since it is lighter in color and a bit more of a dewy finish. My Revlon Colorstay is in a more tan color and has the perfect matte finish for the summer. I mix the two occasionally as well.

One thing is for sure: Foundation doesn’t need to be very expensive in order to be good. But buying from the drugstore might make it harder for a makeup novice to find the right color/formula. If you are able to spend money, I suggest going to the beauty counter at your department store and have them give you a sample. I know Lancome does this. Don’t just trust them on it though. Have them try a couple shades on you before you decide. Sometimes a shade can look like your color but doesn’t have the right undertones. Cool or warm undertones can dramatically change how the shade looks on you. For drugstore makeup, you can buy a bunch of colors that you think are in your range and test them by putting a stroke of each color on your face. The color that doesn’t show up as a stroke is most likely the one that blended in with your face. I know most drugstores will allow you to return the makeup even if its been opened (I personally did this and didn’t have a problem- at least with Rite Aid.) Some good drugstore choices: Revlon Colorstay, Loreal True Match.

There are of course foundations other than liquid. I personally like liquid the best. Powder foundations don’t sit well with me. I find them to look overly cakey most of the time and don’t do as good of a job at providing coverage. I have recently discovered cream foundations. I have an hd cream foundation palette by Mehron and I really do like it but I can’t be sure about most other creams since they can also be a little thick and might end up looking cakey. So I usually stick to trusty liquids but it really is a personal preference. Needless to say the product should ALWAYS be applied seamlessly into the skin and down onto the neck. Why oh why are there still people who have that horrifying line! (I’m sure I’ve had it a time or two but really it is just not okay…)

Lastly, different skin types need different formulations. Oily skin needs a more matte finish foundation. Older, mature skin needs a lifting foundation and one that won’t settle into fine lines. Don’t just pick up the first foundation you see.

To conclude, foundation is really the foundation of the rest of your makeup.Its purpose is to even out skin tone, conceal blemishes or even just to brighten up the skin. It can make or break your entire look and is a very worthwhile investment. All questions are welcome!

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