Exciting Dupe Discovery: Sonia Kashuk Remove vs. Clinique Take the Day Off

This will be quick. I just had to mention this exciting new discovery. Many friends of mine know that I have raved about Clinique’s “Take the day off” makeup remover for some time now and most of my friends have “converted” to using it since it does such a darn good job at taking off even the hardiest of makeup. However at 18 bucks for 4.2 fl. oz. (and a bottle can go by pretty quick depending on the frequence of makeup removal…ahem, should be every night) I just had to go on a mission to find a replacement. After reading a bunch of reviews, it seemed like a trip to Target was in order to test out Sonia Kashuk’s “Remove”, a steal at 10.99 for 4.75 fl. oz. Thankfully, my mission was a success, this makeup remover works almost identically to the Clinique one. Shake it up a bit, and using a cotton round watch how all your makeup disappears with minimal tugging, no stinging, and no irritation. Every time I think about those other makeup removers or G-d forbid, those wipes! Oh my, do those even remove a thing?! I beg you all please, if you haven’t already, go get yourself some good makeup remover, it’ll save your lashes, prevent early wrinkles (from all that tugging) and won’t require a whole pile of cotton balls. I still highly recommend Clinique’s famous purple bottle (which by all means, stock up when they have a gift! Check mygiftwithpurchase.com to find out when that is) but if you are on a budget, Sonia Kashuk remove gets my stamp of approval!

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