DIY Z-Palette! And what that means…

So for those of you who don’t really carry around alot of makeup, or have that much to begin with, then you don’t really have a need to de-pot your powder products (ie: shadows, blushes, pressed powders, etc) into palettes. But since I often travel with my makeup, particularly when I’m doing makeup for an event, I really needed to organize all my individual bulky packaged shadows/blushes/bronzers into one convenient place. You can watch a video on how to de-pot makeup on YouTube but basically I used a T-pin to carefully pop the ones that came out easily (ie: physician’s formula bronzers, etc) but certain packaging required heat to really be able to pop out the pan. For those difficult ones I used wax paper and a hair iron. But enough about that, since there is a wealth of information on the internet about depotting, lets talk about what you put them into afterwards! Here enters the Z-palette. The Z-palette is a favorite among many makeup artists, particularly because unlike so many other palettes (ie: the Unii palette, Mac Pro Palettes) they have a clear cover so you can see whats inside. Pictured here is my personal Z-palette and I really do like the cute zebra design and how it has convenient magnetic closure. The PROBLEM is that after depotting some of my baked blushes by Milani (which are gorg btw) I discovered that the Z-Palette was just too thin and wouldn’t fit any domed blushes or shadows. Since I had already de-potted them I went on a major mission to find a palette that would fit but there was NONE! I know, how stupid right? So I created my own using a 4×6 photo storage box (I just bought one of the individuals) which I bought at Jo-Ann Fabrics as well as a 4×6 magnet that already has an adhesive.  Then I simply removed the wrapper from the magnet, placed the sticky side down and attached magnets to my blushes and TADA! A wonderful palette for the cheap price of around 6$  I’d say its about double the height of the Z-palette and you can even decorate it with wrapping paper if you want it to look fancier. All in all, I’ve been using this like crazy and though the magnet is not as strong as the one in the z-palette, it still holds everything beautifully (even when you turn it upside down, they don’t fall). Here are some side by side comparisons: 

You are welcome to ask any questions about de-potting/making palettes! Good Luck!

**UPDATE: some time after creating this post, I was informed that Z-palette was planning to release a “domed” version which is now available for purchase, at around 30$ each I still intend to stick to my DIY version but I just thought I should put it out there that they now have this available.

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