DIY Brush Holder!

Here I am with yet another great idea! Admittedly, I stole this one off of Pinterest (a very addictive place, though many a great idea has been discovered there) and so here’s a very quick and easy post about how I did it. To begin with, I have a TON of brushes, and I don’t even keep all of them out (many are in brush rolls with the rest of my makeup train case). If you’d like to read up on my favorite brushes, click here. You could very easily store them in cups but I liked the supplies organizer that I got from Target.┬áIt’s black and the shape of it is more convenient than cups in my opinion. Next, I bought a bag of Crystal Fill at Joann Fabrics (which I used a handy dandy 50% off coupon straight off their iPhone app). You don’t exactly need the Crystal Fill, I was storing my brushes till now without it, but it helps keep the brushes from falling to the bottom (never to be seen again), especially the small brushes. *note: the picture below has only a few of my brushes so that you can see the fill.

These pictures from Pinterest were some of my favorites: I especially love the coffee beans, I’d just be worried that they would get sticky! I hope you are inspired if you were one of people who is rummaging around for your makeup brushes. Rummage, no more!

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