Crest 3D Whitestrips Review: Before and After

So as some of you might have read in my Teeth Whitening Woe’s post, I have had a hard time seeing a result when using teeth whitening products. So this time around, I actually bought the crest whitestrips since people claim that they really work (at least the reviews on amazon do). I really tried this time around to not drink alot of coffee or dark soda’s and if I did, to use a straw and rinse my mouth out shortly thereafter. I can’t say that I saw major results since I of course wanted my teeth to be as white as a paper but when I compare the pictures, there is definitely a difference. I made sure to use them every day for a half hour, although I may have skipped a day or two if my teeth were feeling sensitive. All in all, I think that the new “advanced seal” actually help them stay better on your teeth and not cause as much sensitivity. Funny enough, I was able to find almost identical pictures (totally by accident) of my teeth before and after. I was even wearing the same lipstick! 

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