Creams versus Powders

So here are my thoughts on creams and powders when it comes to makeup. Of course its hard to generalize since there are so many brands and products that I have yet to try but you’ll get the general idea.

I find that with the exception of cream foundation/concealer, I prefer powder products, specifically when it comes to eye-shadows and blushes. I have seen so many great tutorials where a cream eyeshadow or liner will be used as a base for the eyeshadow. For some reason, this does not ever work for me. I find the cream to just make the whole process messy, harder to blend and will crease even when used with a primer. This has happened with so many different products that I’ve given up hope. I find that powder shadows when used with a shadow primer or with a wet brush can do anything that a cream can without all the fuss. I really also don’t find that using a cream eye shadow really acts as a good “base” because you top it all of with a powder anyway so what is the point?

Now when it comes to cream blushes, I also find them to be a bit of a nuisance. I do agree that they look a little more skin-like but you are so limited with a cream blush since you can only use it underneath your powder products, which means you won’t be able to reapply once you’ve set your face (putting cream product over setting powder= cakey mess) and you’ll probably have to set it with a powder blush unless you don’t want it sliding all over the place. Besides for the issue that application of a cream blush can be a little bit of a pain to get the perfect application.

I do love creams when it comes to contouring with cream foundations and I certainly don’t think powder foundations are EVER preferable to that of a cream or liquid one but I am not going to recommend using cream blushes or eye shadows, especially to any makeup beginners.

So if you were wondering about which is better, hope my opinion helps!

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