Airbrush/Tinted Moisturizers/BB Creams and Why We Want To Love Them

There are so many things when it comes to makeup that are, simply put, a gimmick. Feel free to look up what “gimmick” means on Wikipedia but I’ll explain as best I can. Company manufacturers know that most consumers don’t really know very much about what they are buying half the time. Therefore the best way to reel them in is by selling something that sounds like a dream come true. Now before you get all worked up, I’m not AGAINST using some of the products that I’m about to mention, however I’d like the consumer to be aware of what they are getting. Let us begin with Airbrushing. Airbrushing is a system that essentially sprays liquid makeup on the face/body to create a “airbrushed” effect. In theory, this sounds nice. However I find that people hear the word “airbrush” and see sparks flying and their dreams coming true. The truth is, many makeup artists do not find that using airbrush systems truly creates a “flawless” finish. The reason for this is because makeup products look most natural when worked into the skin (with a Beauty Blender sponge, for instance) rather than just sprayed on. Professional artists in the business almost never use airbrush systems, just take a look at, a makeup artist for Vogue, Elle, and many celebrities. Also, the airbrush system alone is not what counts but rather what brand of liquid they are using, and the talent of the person wielding the system. In my opinion, airbrush is best left to tanning salons and Photoshop. The next item I’d like to talk about is Tinted Moisturizers and BB Creams. BB Creams have become all the rage lately and here in the states the use of that name is basically a fancy way of naming a tinted moisturizer. BB stands for Beauty Balm which originated in Asia as a multitasking “balm” that gives light coverage with high sun protection, and skin perfecting ingredients meant to heal and lighten acne scars, etc. You can read reviews for all of the recently sprouted BB creams and discover one thing in common= it is in essence a tinted moisturizer. A tinted moisturizer is just like it sounds: it moisturizes your skin while adding a small tint. That means almost no coverage whatsoever! You can save yourself a ton of money and make your very own by mixing some foundation with your favorite moisturizer, it really is that simple my friends! I just find it so funny how people get upset that their skin basically looks the same after applying tinted moisturizer. That’s because it doesn’t claim to cover imperfections or conceal dark circles it only claims to TINT! Anyhow, I hope this helps you all make informed decisions. Good Luck!

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