A little bit about wands…

So I guess it is apropos to start off my blog with a little talk about wands. Mascara wands that is. Most people don’t know this but a good mascara is basically as good as its wand. The formula of the actual mascara is still important especially if you are using waterproof versus non-waterproof (I happen to be a “waterproof-only” type of girl since I don’t know why anyone would want to run the risk of having black lines down their face in the event that they tear) but honestly when mascara’s advertise to thicken or volumize, etc. most of that action comes from the brush. When you buy a high end mascara, you are basically paying for some nice packaging and a name. So the most important thing to look for in mascara is THE WAND. Lancome happens to make some amazing mascara wands. Though I wouldn’t usually dish out the money for one, I happen to have gotten one of their mascaras as part of a gift set and I really loved it. The wand itself is long and thin with a ton of tiny little bristles which is great for catching every single lash, especially the inner corners and bottom lashes. I love this mascara so much that I was thinking of running out and buying another one because I ran out. But then I thought, why not just keep the wand and use it with another of my favorite mascaras (Loreal’s Voluminous, for the record) So basically, now, I just put on a few coats with the original wand from the Voluminous mascara and then go back over with the Lancome wand to really comb out and catch every eyelash. I love this trick! From now on I am totally saving the mascara wands I love and reusing them with cheaper mascaras! Of course you do want to clean your wands every so often (they tend to get lots of bacteria from your eyes, etc.) Enjoy saving your money and having happy lashes!

Ps. if you really want to get every single itty bitty lash, here’s a trick that I learned from Goss the Makeup Artist, on using interdental brushes. His video on that isĀ http://www.youtube.com/user/gossmakeupartist#p/search/0/MA-fcPKuUs4. I have actually tried this and it really does work! I think that defining your lower lashes adds a ton to any makeup look so its definitely worth a try especially if you have sparse lower lashes that need extra attention.

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