A few of my favorite things!

So I compiled an honest list of the things that I use on a constant basis and have continuously re-bought time and time again. I really recommend these products.

Clinique “take the day off” makeup remover: So as I have mentioned a couple times, I only use waterproof eye makeup like eyeliner and mascara. Most people don’t like using waterproof since they have a hard time taking it off. I love things that I have a hard time taking off because it means that IT WILL NOT COME OFF. So everyone really just needs a very good makeup remover. I have used other makeup removers including other expensive brands and there is no better makeup remover than this one. It is pricey but if you keep anĀ aggressiveĀ track of when they have a gift with purchase than you can get some pretty cool stuff whenever you stock up on it. My favorite site for checking up “gifts with purchase” is www.mygiftwithpurchase.com.

Clinique Blush in 107 Sunset Glow: Yet another Clinique product, one which I actually discovered as part of my gift with purchase one time. I loved the little sample one so much that I bought it and re-bought it! It is by far the best blush I have ever come across. It is gorgeous on every single skin tone from light to dark. It also lasts FOREVER.

Alba Moisturizer in Oil Free Aloe and Green Tea: This has been my favorite moisturizer for as long as I can remember. It is very refreshing and truly plumps up the skin without making it oily. It is also made with natural ingredients and is very good for your skin.

Maybelline eyeshadow in Shimmer Vanilla: I have bought many different shimmery eyeshadows and I still always go back to this one for highlighting. It doesn’t hurt the wallet either!

Jordana Lipliner in Rock’n Rose (or any nude lipliner): Finding a good nude lipliner is always so exciting since its rare to really come across good nude liners. I happen to love this one and I think I got it for under 2 dollars!

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black: Gone are the days of sharpening! I have gone through more of these eyeliners than I can even remember. I love that it doesn’t need sharpening and is really dark and long lasting. I am however, searching for one that is even more waterproof than the Revlon since my eyes tear like nobody’s business and when they do, the eyeliner does flake off.

Tweezerman tweezers – the pointy ones: If you really are looking for good tweezers- look no further! This tweezer gets every hair, every time. Take it from a bit of an OCD plucker.

I have many products that I absolutely love but I honestly can say that the ones above are my absolute favorites. So until something better comes along…

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