8 Awesome Makeup Tips for 2013!

Lets start the New Year with the right makeup and techniques, here are 8 of my favorite and most commonly asked about makeup tips.

1. Always fill in your lips all the way with a lipliner to help prolong your lipcolor and avoid the dreaded ring around your lips that happens when your lipstick has worn off but the liner is left behind (giving that “chola” inspired makeup look). I believe that everyone needs to have at least one lipliner that is that “your lips but better” color that will look great under any lipstick or can even be worn alone under a lipbalm for a lazy nude lip. One of my favorite drugstore ones is Jordana’s lipliner in Rock n’ Rose.

2. Eyeliners can sometimes be too dry and sometimes too creamy. Either way, if your pencil liner is too dry and tugs at your eyelid, try putting it over a cigarette lighter (or blast it with a blowdryer) for a few seconds to help soften the tip, it should turn into a creamy kohl-like texture. If your gel liner dries out, use the blowdryer again to melt the product again and it should regain its creaminess. I often have the opposite problems with liners being too creamy (ie: Urban Decay 24/7, Mac Smolder, Milani Liquifeye, etc.) and sometimes the tip will just break off when I start to line my eyes or the line will come on too thick. To remedy this, I actually keep my pencil in the freezer. Sounds strange but this helps the tip stay pointed and lets you make a more defined line while still keeping that creamy texture. It feels refreshing on the eyes too!

3. Undereye concealer can sometimes be tricky to work with. To help prevent those dreadful creases under the eye, I apply some eye shadow primer under the concealer ( I actually sometimes use Urban Decay’s primer potion in Eden as a concealer since it matches my skin tone.) If the formula of your concealer is too dry, which can look cakey under the eyes, just mix some concealer with an eye cream (I use clinique all about eyes) on the back of your hand and then it applies like a dream. Always set concealer under the eyes with a powder. My favorite is Ben Nye Bananna Powder for its finely milled texture and yellow tone which helps brighten up the undereye. Since most powder brushes are too big to get into the undereye area, I like to use a fluffy eye blending brush to apply powder there.

4. Never apply blush or bronzer onto a moist face. If you don’t set your moisturizer/ foundation with a powder,then make sure to blot off excess moisture with a tissue before applying blush or bronzer (or any makeup for that matter) the moisture on your skin will cause the product to look blotchy or come on too strong, and make it difficult to blend.

5. Get yourself some decent brushes and tools. Stat! I have an old post on Brushes 101. But the two brushes that are so important and commonly missing are a good shadow blending brush and blush/contour brush. For eyes, if there were only one brush I could own it would be modeled after the M.A.C. 217 which I don’t actually own because I use cheaper dupes of it (Coastal Scents pro blending fluff, Sigma E35, Sedona Lace Eb09, Bdellium 776, to name a few). This brush makes all the difference, and deserves its own post, look out for it soon!

6. Speaking of Tools: Eyelash curler. Curled lashes are something I don’t leave the house without. It takes seconds to do and makes a world of difference. If you feel like your curler “doesn’t do anything” then you are probably using a bad curler. My favorite is the Tweezerman lash curler (commonly featured in my favorites) which beats out all my favorites of the past including Shu Uemara and Shiseido. If your lashes are stubbornly straight then try blasting your curler for a nano-second before using it to help hold the curl. Notice how I use a blowdryer for almost everything, I don’t even own it for use on my hair!

6. Always brush your eyebrows out with a spooly after filling them in. This helps blend out any harsh lines and gives your brows a natural groomed look. Nothing gives me more creeps then seeing a harsh drawn on brow.

7. Unless your eyes are as big as the Olsens’ sisters, you probably shouldn’t be lining your waterline with black. Doing so, creates the illusion of smaller eyes, while lining the waterline with white or nude will help them look larger and more awake. For some reason a good white or cream liner for the waterline is hard to find so here’s a few that I use: Nudes: Stila Kajal in Topaz, Nars Rue Bonaparte, M.A.C chromographic Nc/nw 15-20. Whites: Nars Santa Monica Blvd, NYX milk, Urban Decay Yeyo.

8. Test your foundation color by swiping some product onto the jawline. Don’t be scared to do this with drugstore foundations, just ask them to open a tester for you, or buy a few colors that look like they are in your shade range and return whatever doesn’t work for you. Most drugstores will take back makeup, even once its been opened, so long as you explain it was the wrong color, and within the time they allow for returns. Obviously ask them if you can do so before you make the purchase, but I have done this at Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens and Target with no issues.

Lastly, remember that when it comes to makeup purchases, research goes a long way. I don’t buy anything anymore before reading reviews on MakeupAlley. There is no one brand or product that works for everyone but when you see that 300 out of 350 people liked something, its just something to take into consideration.

Enjoy making everyone jealous with how fabulous you look this coming year!


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